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The newest and most exciting online community for adult workers. A place to advertise, socialise and connect with clients and co-workers from all around the world.

We are a group of tech savvy sex workers from all corners of the globe. With more than 30 years of combined experience working in the adult sector we all knew something was very lacking in our industry and we wanted to change this. Social media is an amazing way to connect, share your stories and build your business, but somehow the adult industry never seemed to fit into any of those available platforms. With our years of knowledge in the industry and our numerous skills in design, development and marketing we came up with Skissr.

Skissr is a stylish, sophisticated and fully comprehensive social media platform for the adult industry. We feature in more than 2000 cities in over 80 countries worldwide and welcome all service providers no matter where you fit into the adult industry. You can see listings of straight male escorts, gay escorts, female escorts and trans escorts advertising here. Our site offers a professional and safe environment, a place where you can post tours, receive reviews from clients, add your interests and services. A place where you can post status updates like twitter and send friend requests like Facebook. We have designed and developed a place to bring people together, to strengthen your business and to build strong connections between providers and clients. We are a central hub for everything adult, we are a platform built for escorts by escorts and most of all we are here to stand up for the adult industry while supporting all your business needs in the one place.

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