Couples who hire escorts for sexy fun


22nd March , 2021

Some people might find it strange that couples might want to watch the love of their life with another person. That your one and only is getting down and naughty with someone else while you watch. Having a threesome is not something that a couple should have any worries about when they have planned how they want the evening to unfold. A threesome with another male or female is purely about experimenting sexually and trying new things, it does not have any impact or have any bearing on the couples emotional bond, this is something totally different.

We have found a massive increase in couples bookings in the past 5 years. With more podcasts, books, interviews and stories about exploring ones sex life, it has become more of the norm to invite a 3rd person into the bedroom for a couple of hours. Most escort bookings for couples will usually go for one to two hours. This is because the act of hiring an escort for a couple is purely about the physical side of things. During single escort bookings they can go for hours because the two people actually enjoy each others company emotionally rather than it just being about the sex alone. There are multiple scenarios where a couple will hire an escort for a threesome. Here a couple of those scenarios‚Ķ 

When a couple hires a male escort for the threesome we have found that this is usually instigated by the male in the relationship. When a man has been with his partner and wants to spice things up, he can get off knowing that his female partner has been naughty with another man. This falls into the cuckolding where the man will watch another guy have sex with his wife wile he watches, or possibly even while he is tied up. There is other circumstances where if the male escort is bi the guy can join in with having full sex with the escort in hand. Another option would be that the male can let his partner have sex with the male escort on here own. This could be gifted as a birthday present or possibly if the woman in the relationship is lacking confidence and needs a boost. 

From our experience when a couple hires a female escort for a night of sexy fun it is usually for one of two reasons. One being that the lady in the relationship is bi or two that the female is opening to being with a female. Truth be told it is a rarity that the woman in the relationship wants to see her man with another woman, bur more she is open to seeing how she will go with another woman. A lot of girls are bi and hiring a female escort is the perfect chance to get to play with another hot women, while the man gets to enjoy a steamy sex show at the same time. 

When the couple comes to choosing a male or female escort it can sometimes be a hard choice as both the couples would like someone from the other sex. The easy solution here is to hire both a male and a female escort, sometimes they will also be a couple. The joys of hiring another couple is that everyone in the room has equal satisfaction and gets to play the same amount. If a male hires a straight male or if a woman hires another woman and she is not bi then there is always someone left out not getting involved in the action.

But when they hire a couple this problem is solved and everyone joins in on the fun in equal terms. It goes without saying there is generally no certain way or rules that go when couples hire escort. Each booking is tailored individually to each couple so they get to have the best experience possible. If you are a couple wanting to hire an escort for a naughty evening then couple out our list of escorts here. You can find a search button on the search bar specifically for escorts who offer services to couples.