Different types of fun dates with your escort


19th March , 2021

    When you are thinking of hiring a male or female escort there are many different things to ponder over such as picking your favourite dress or which shoes you are going to wear with your newly purchased shirt. After all, we all want to look and feel our best on our exciting date right? If it is your first time booking an escort on Skissr then you may have no idea how you want the evening to play out. Do you kiss hello at your room and take your clothes off or do you have dinner first at your stunning hotel’s restaurant? To help you decide how you want the evening to play out we have constructed some of the usual dates with an escort in Australia. 

    Hiring an escort in Sydney is not something that one usually does very often. It is more of a treat rather than your weekly self indulgence. Because it is something that is not done very often, possibly for a birthday or special event you may want to take the evening slow and book a dinner and drinks date. You can meet the male or female escort of your choice and break the ice over dinner. Share stories and enjoy a couple of fine wines. This is a great date for someone who is quite nervous about the date and wants time to warm and and relax. Once dinner is finished and your both are feeling rather warm and glowly after dinner your escort date can escort you back to your room to share a passionate dessert. 

    More popular than ever is couples hiring a male or female escort to spice up there sex life. Some people might ask why a couple would hire a sex worker but we can’t think of many reason why they wouldn't? When a couple hires an escort it is purely for physical fun and the emotions are nothing to do with it. Most couples have been together for a while and would like to add another dynamic into their sex life. Instead of picking someone they don’t know at a bar they choose to find someone who they like on an escort site like Skissr. You can find male and females here offering sex services or shall we say culkolding services for couples. Some guys just like to watch another male with them while some women like to watch their male partner with another woman. Whatever couples service you are looking for you are sure to find an escort offering just what you need. 

    Not everyone who sees escorts in Brisbane or Melbourne is nervous or wants to take things slow. Maybe this is not your first rodeo and you are a wan or woman who knows what they want. In that case you can find one of our escorts who is available during the day and offers a shorter incall visit. This is perfect to fll an hour or two during your day. This really is a hello and next minute you both are stripping your clothes off and getting your naughty on. Not all escorts on Skissr offer incall services so if you want to see an escort who only offers outcall then you will have to plan to meet at your nearest hotel of convenience. 

    If you are someone who is looking for an in depth experience with one of the escorts on our platform then you really need to enquire about an overnight stay. Here you can experience everything that you could possibly imagine in one naughty and fun sleepover. Most escorts offer overnights based on the length of time together. The time frame is usually 12hrs so if you meet your escort at 9pm you can expect to have their company until 9am. Though this is just a guideline and every escort will have their own services which you can find on their profile. During an overnight book you can expect there to be plenty of drinks, dinner, maybe some dancing and possibly even a bath. The best thing about an overnight booking is that when the night is over you get to wake up and have morning sex, and who doesn't like morning sex?

    As you can see we have listed just a couple of the most popular services than escorts are offering today. The best thing about hiring escorts here is that most of our escorts offer custom services and are totally down to make your date as enjoyable as possible. If you have something special in mind your date then just reach out to the provider and let them know what you have in mind. The worst thing they can say is that it’s not something that they provide. All our advertisers have only one goal and that is to your make escort experience a fun and enjoyable one. So what are you waiting for!