Living a secret life as a sex worker


12th March , 2021

I'm not really sure how many people got into their profession as an escort because it’s not exactly something that most people talk about in school or down at your local jobcentre. For me personally it was just something that happened totally out of the blue in London. I worked in a beauty shop selling makeup. My job had me working long hours and for not very much pay at the end of the Friday when I would normally get paid.

Week after week I would stare out at the people walking past my shopping thinking there must be an easier pathway for me to be able to buy a house mortgage free. While browsing a random blog I came across this post which was talking about these women who are travel companions for wealthy business men. Jet setting off to all corners of the world, all expenses paid while being taken shopping and bought expensive items. This can’t be real i thought to myself as I read more and more of how these women were living the life that I could only dream about.

When I arrived I was feeling good, the drinks certainly worked their charm. As I took my clothes and moved into the light I got a sudden feeling of ‘what the heck am i doing! ‘ but that thought was quickly interrupted by the photographer cracking a few jokes and giving my instructions. As the shot progressed my nerves quickly vanished and I totally got into the mood!

I felt comfortable, empowered and sexy. I was loving the attention and I knew that I was onto something good. Your social life is pretty much gone and your friends start to think you don't like them anymore because you are never able to say to their invite of weekends drinks or Sunday getaways. I have a very supportive family and an even more supportive group of friends. One might say why don't you just explain to them that this is your life now and things will become easier.

Things would become easier but they could also become more difficult. People may not be as supportive as I think they would be if I told them I was working as a sex worker. What I can say is that the world is becoming a more opening and liberal place. Sex work is normal in many countries and fully legislated but in the UK we are not just there yet.

As one thing led to the next I soon found out these travel companions were escorts. High class, educated women who had gone to University like myself yet they were being flown around the world making up to £10,000 a week while I was earning £700 working my butt off. As I dug a little deeper into the industry I found myself browsing the listings of stunning women after women showing off their curves online and offering a multitude of services. The thought soon came to my mind that this is something that I could do. I can be a travel companion or go on dinner dates with men who wanted my company while in London.

After a few weeks of pondering on my thoughts I booked a photographer and off I went the photoshoot. I was pretty nervous to say the least. Getting naked in front of a guy I didn't know and presenting myself into sexy and naughty positions. The studio was not too far from me and I knew there was a bar close by. So I did what any normal person would and sneaked in for 2 drinks for some extra Dutch courage.

A few weeks passed and I got my photos back. They were incredible and I was so happy with the results. I looked damn good! So up the photos went and I began to write my profile. 2 days later and I was done. Just as I was about to submit my profile a sudden thought crossed my mind. ‘ What if someone sees me?’ I had seen other girls blur their faces to keep their identity hidden and I decided to play it safe and go down this route.

To cut a long story short I decided to keep escorting as my little secret. Absolutely no one knows apart from myself. Living a secret life has been and is hard. I constantly have to lie about where I am going or where I have been. I can't tell anyone about the amazing people I meet or the amazing places that I have been or where I'm going too.

Maybe in another 10 years we will catch up to Australia. In a way I kind of get off knowing that this is my secret. That I am having all these little wins and I don’t need anyone else to share them with but myself. For now I am happy with how I am going, but maybe one day I will lift the lid and reveal my secret life of escorting to my friends and family.