Things to note when seeing an escort


11th March , 2021

Hiring a sex worker or shall we say escort ,which is the preferred terminology these days can be a scary task for some people. There is no main rule book or place were you can go to learn what to do, and what not to do. In different countries there are different ways to business. In the states it can be common to provide a copy id your government Id where as in Australia this is not so common.

While every country does have their own set way of doing business with an escort each actual service provider will have their own way of doing business to. We decided it may be helpful to create a blog and list of the most common and wide accepted rules of engagement. These are certainly not all the rules which  you should just follow but look at these as rather a set of guidelines. If you have any other important points that we have mentioned feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us

When buying a car, purchasing something from the market or a new phone on Facebook we all like to throw our hand and try and get a bargain and that's perfectly fine. But hiring an escort is like none of those things are trying to get a bargain does not flow very well in this industry at all. This point is universal in every country and with every service provider..... never ever try and negotiate a persons rates. When a person sets a rate it's what they value their service to be worth and the price at what they are happy providing that service. It is very insulting to a sex worker but trying to tell them that they are not worth the value they set for their services. So it goes without saying again, never try and negotiate the prices of any providers on skissr. Doing so can get you banned from our platform.

The sex industry is a personal one that some people may not feel comfortable in sharing photos of their face. You can be rest assured that every worker on Skissr has spend a lot of time and money making their profile shine well and getting their photos just as how they want them. If someone has not shown their face then it is clear that they do not want their face to be shown. This means not to you personally on Snapchat, or email or in text messages. If you wish to book a provider who is happy to show their face then we suggest you pick someone who has their face visible in their photos online. Asking for nudes, face pics or any other sort of media content that is not already provided is one sure way to make an escort not want to see you.

This might sound like the most obvious thing and that it would not need to be said sadly that's not the case. People can come to bookings after a big night out and that is understandable that you will need to have a shower. Any sane person would want to have a shower. When coming to a booking when you are not on a night out there is no excuses for not looking after your personal hygiene to the highest of levels. No escort or women or man on this planet wants to get intimate with someone who is unhygienic. So don't say you have not been warned and do expect to be asked to take a shower. It's nothing personal against you. It's just how it needs to be.

Those are just a couple of pointers that have come to mind if you are considering booking an escort that advertises on our platform. Please be aware that we have our own rules of engagement and each escort will have their own business etiquette so please make sure you read this before making first contact.