How to become an escort


6th March , 2021

So now that you are here i'm guessing what you want to know is pretty obvious ‘ how do you become an escort? Let me start by asking you some basic questions. Do you really understand what becoming an escort or have you seen some men and women online showing off their nice clothes and flashing gifts they got from their clients? Are you open, easy going and do well on not much sleep? Are you happy to kiss good-bye to your social life and become glued to two phones for the next year? Are you happy to sleep one night then the next day not even get to bed? Are you confident, can handle your own corner and do well in crazy spontaneous situations? If you answered yes to those then great let's get started!

Escorts like any profession have many different types of people. The type of escort you become is the type of services you will provide. There are escorts who will fit into any category but you will find that most people have found out what they like to do and the services that suit their personality best. For instance, are you someone who likes to inflict pain, to humiliate people and push the limits of physical and emotional barriers, if so then you could look at starting off in BDSM.

If you are someone who likes to take things a little slower, you enjoy drinking a fine wine or sipping a cocktail on a nice hotel balcony. If so then you could specialise your services as a girlfriend experience. This type of service is more relaxed, gentle, caring and emotions based. If you are someone who loves to travel and get out of your area on random dates then you could consider becoming a fly me to you or a travel companion. There are many different types of escort services so you just need to find the persona that matches you best.

Once you have decided who you are going to become you will need to get some photos done and create an online profile. You should search through all the escort photographers in your area and find the person or company who offers a style suited to your needs. If you do pick BDSM then you will want someone who shoots a more moody style, dark and deep. If you choose to focus on a girlfriend experience then you would look for someone who’s stylish, light and soft.

Like photos on a bed wrapped up by the covers. When it comes to your profile we would always suggest writing it yourself, after all what's the point at someone who is writing it about you. People want to know who you are not who someone else thinks you are. Be honest, say what you like and what you like, this will save you a lot of energy when your clients come to pick who they like. Don't be afraid to show off your best colours, its an advertisement after all. You are showing everyone how amazing you really are.

You will find when you go online that you will receive many more offers than you do and do not want. Our best advice is to be true to yourself. Stick to your boundaries and don't be swayed by large amounts of money. By staying true to yourself and staying in areas you feel comfortable with, your life will be a lot easier.